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Introduction : Established in the year 1993

Welcome to Ram Engineering. Keeping continuously clean oil in industrial equipment will reduce more than 80% of equipment downtime and costly repair. 

Virtually all branches of industry need to separate different liquid and solids at some point in their manufacturing processes. Ram Engineering has well over fifteen years of experience in meeting these requirements.

Separating out water and other impurities and removing metal particles from a wide variety of oils are more reliable and have an extended service life.

Improving equipment service life 

Ram Engineering often play a key role in customers’ processes in a rather indirect way. We undertake purification and separation of all types of Fluids and the same can be re-used for your machineries.

We do above process with the centrifuge method and isolated the sediment, Water from the oil and the pure oil is given to you with the minimum loss.

In order to decrease the costs of oil purchasing and saving money, Ram Engineering is ready to give you oil Separation and Purifying services so you don't need to buy any oil purifying equipment and according to your order Ram Engineering will do this service at any time and any where you specify.

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